Monday, October 17, 2011

FAQ: Getting Natural Fusion Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

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Fusion is a strand by strand hair extension technique that allows free flowing hair.  What if someone told you that the best kept secret was a strand by strand hair extension technique that also allows free flowing hair, but did not have any disadvantages?

Natural Fusion is this best kept secret- they can be done close to the scalp or inches away from the scalp.
There are so many different names for it:
  •     Natural Fusion
  •     Brazilian Knots
  •     Brazilian Extensions
  •     Italian Knots
  •     Dominican Knots
  •     Dominican Extensions
 As with any strand by strand hair extension, strands of commercial hair are attached to a small section of the client's hair.  In the case of Natural Fusion, a few strands of human cuticle hair is attached to a few strands of clients hair.  If not available, Remy human hair can be used.

The following are methods of attachment for Natural Fusion:
  •     weaving thread
  •     rubber bands
  •     elastic thread
What is the shortest length hair you can work with to get Natural Fusion?
  •     1-1/2 inches
Can I get very long hair extensions down my back?
  •     Yes
"If I cannot find the right shade of hair what do I do?"
  •     a blend of different colors achieves the desired color
"How Long does it take to install Natural Fusion?"
  •     depends on how small the sections are made, and how many rows are installed
  •     for a full head, allowing for ponytail styling and parting the hair in front, it takes approx.8hrs.
"How long does Natural Fusion last or be left in the hair?"
  •     3 to 4 months
"Can I perm. or retouch my roots while the Natural Fusion is in my hair?"
  •     Yes- it depends.
"How long does it take to remove?"
  •     approximately 1 hour
"Does Natural Fusion cause damage to your hair?"
  •     No
"Can Natural Fusion be re-installed right after taking them out?"
  •     Yes
For more informaiton please view the youtube video.  Afterwards, please contact me on: (609)213-7985 or (609)897-9567 to set up an appointment.  You may also leave a message by e-mail:

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