Saturday, October 22, 2011

Training- Brazilian KnotsTraining, Natural Fusion, No Glue Fusion, Reusable


Brazilian hair extensions training here, or in the comfort of your home, salon, or office. We can bring the training to you for your convenience.

Brazilian Knots, initially referred to as Brazilian Weaves, and Brazilian Hair Extensions are better than fusion if you are looking for a healthy head of hair after you take the hair down. Did you know that even though Fusion is great and looks natural, Brazilian knots look great and looks natural too, but folks that wear Brazilian Knots come out smelling like a rose? No chemicals are used. No braids used.

Learn the correct positioning of hand and fingers during the Brazilian Knots threading process.

Learn the correct positioning of the thread for precision placed threading.

Learn the correct way to layer the hair for Caucasian clientele.

Learn the correct way to layer the hair for African American clientele.

Learn the correct way to install for women with thinning hair

Learn the correct way to layer the hair for women with a bald spot(s).

Learn how how to correctly start the Brazilian Knots.

Alternative to Fusion: Although we perform fusion extensions, natural hair extensions such as the Brazilian Knot hair extensions are getting hot and exploding in popularity. Schedule your 1 on 1 private training class now!

Brazilian Knot Training Details:

  • Cost: <a href="">Brazilian knots training cost</a>
  • Duration: 4hrs
  • Hair: included
  • Supplies: included
  • New!  Training DVD kit is now available
  • Directory stylist listing: optional
  • You will receive a certificate that states that you have completed the desired training
For those who have done other strand by strand hair extensions, and those who see the income potential and want to write their own stimulus check! Learn the right way to install, and to remove the Brazilian Knot hair extensions. All styles covered. Learn the variety of hair hair extensions available for each hair type. Learn a new skill to add to your hair extension skills. Learn the safe, healthy, pain-free, and yes- cheaper way to offer and apply free flowing hair extensions for your your clients.

Offer this great newer Brazilian Knot/Brazilian weave hair extensions style to customers that ordinarily spend upwards of $3,000 for their hair extensions. And for you, less than $2,000 and up in training fees. When potential customers find out that you can save them more than 50% on their fusion hair extensions, guess what? You will have more customers than you can handle, week after week.

Welcome to the training that can surely change your life forever! And it's all natural, and safe! Very soon, we will be offering Brazilian Knots training on a dvd so you don't have to travel all the way to Central NJ. Save your mileage fee.


Call us and schedule your training date and time.
  • We can invoice
Base price must be paid in full.

Additional student can pay the day of. For more information call: (609)647-8086 24hrs.


Brazilian Knots

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